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We are a 3-minute walk to the beach and not far from the road to Ensenada, but also just 30 minutes to the San Diego border. All highways and toll roads were done anew in the last five year making driving to our place a dream, the blue Pacific always in sight and the traffic always light.

A Gated Community With Fantastic Security,
pearceful yet fun,   and Right On The Beach
This beach is quiet, dog and horse friendly and just great!

Beautiful mountains close to the sea, a rare treat south of Big Sur CA.

If you a little or big dog,  he will take you
 out for a walk of discovery daily, just a short walk
from our place..(Amélie is my dog and I won't share!)
At the weekend market in our village, walking my dog Bambi who just loves the animation. We also buy fresh fruits and veggies straight from he farmers at roughly 1/3 the prices paid in Canada where we are from. The freshness and taste of these produces are through the roof. And those 20 cents mangos in Canada would easily cost 2 dollars.