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The guest-room opens to the north leg of the patio but the books are gone!
This extra-large slow burning furnace can be
fed enough wood to run all night.

Main room facing front door.

The master bedroom.
Master Bathroom gets full
sunshine daily for

Access to loft studio that has
 an extra bed for artist
or model

Dining corner

Dining, with kitchen below (knives are mostly gone,
but the rest is included.

Guest bathroom with shower

The kitchen has a Microwave and a convection oven, but the antique stove's oven has been disabled. Not all pots
and pans still present today and the pantry has been shellacked a darker color.

This day bed in the guest bedroom
converts to a standard double bed
in a few seconds as shown below
The bed converts to a double bed in one minute or less. The carved
wooden backboard swings up uncovering pillows and
beddings while the mattress extension piece
drop down after the bed is pulled
out one foot.