What is there to do around here?
There is certainly much to do around here, from racing a quad in the immense sand dunes close by or to taking a yoga class on the beach. Bajamar to the south offers great golf by the ocean at a fraction of the cost in the USA, while others will play tennis . Just 4 miles south of our house is the Baja Equestrians for the riding enthusiasts, although, saddled horses are available on most beaches on weekends. Then of course there is surfing everywhere nearby, from the famous KM38 to the gorgeous La Mision Beach. In the back country there is exciting motocross trail riding while the beautifully paved roads have several serious cycle races each year, the most famous being the Tijuana to Ensenada Ride that attracts tens of thousands of cyclists from the US and Canada. There are, of course, a lot more fun activities around here.

You can go to this other web site to get a better idea on what is available for Campo residents. And then the numerous estuaries provide a lot of canoe or kayak areas of fun and bird watching, including one just 300 feet south of our house.
About restaurants, dancing, nightclubs, karaokes and bars, there is more than enough to keep anyone interested in going out from time to time! This page will be completed with more photos when I get a chance to do so. Meanwhile, our latest party near the beach.

One of the many reasons why people live here:  The microclimate here in Descanso Bay In our microclimate, the sunsets are visible 340+ days each year - 

    How are houses sold by owners in Campo ?
    Houses are sold in the same way as trailers or motor homes are sold in campgrounds. There is no need for a real estate agent and complicated documents. The transaction is done between two individuals, the buyer and the seller, and this has been done smoothly for 35 years. Many residents have been here for over 25 years, bought and sold or moved to a different street.
    Only this is not a campground but a respectable gated community with many houses valued in the hundreds of thousands. Basically, for the transaction to be valid, the only requirement is a contract for the land lease issued by a Campo administrator who needs to OK it. There is a cost of $600 for the Campo Reynoso contract.  
    It is easy to buy here and just as easy to sell. Lawyers are not needed and all these transactions are private between owner and buyer, the same as for other goods like a trailer or a boat. The only recorded contracts strictly cover the lease.

    How safe is our area and how stable are the house prices ? 
    The greater San Diego area has had good price recovery since 2010, and so did this area. Many Americans are uninformed about the great security record of the Rosarito area. Those that fear 'All Mexico' have hurt the tourist industry here and affected house prices negatively, generating obvious bargains. There is 90%  less crime in ALL of Baja than in any American city with an equivalent population. Less and less Americans are ignorant of the facts presented below:
    • Crime has been almost exclusively between drug gangs in Tijuana. It has tapered to practically nothing in the last five years thanks to the effective presence of the Mexican Marines.
    • The 20,000 American expatriates living around Rosarito for many years find here nothing but the most peaceful conditions and a friendly relaxed population. None of us have seen, heard or felt any trace of the so-called violence. Like you, we read about it in the paper, and mostly it occurs 1000 miles away, around Monterrey and the Texas border. Thanks to information campaigns, students have started to come back for Spring Break.
    • Experts predict a great tourist resurgence when San Diego's unemployment crisis diminishes in the coming years as it is showing signs of doing. The Mexican government has invested massively in new highways and roads in anticipation, also helping out with the local unemployment. Local real estate experts predict prices to rise above 2008 levels within 3-5 years. Sales have been picking up this spring.
    Americans and other expats are not allowed to own beachfront property in Mexico. How does this work? 
      This is true. However, there are 2 workarounds that have been used for decades:
    1. Owning property through a Mexican bank trust (called 'fideicomiso') is widely practiced. This involves annual bank and other fees. It also complicates ownership and sales to a large degree, although the property can be willed to inheritors through same bank trust. READ MORE
    2. Owning the house on rented land is the much simpler and convenient method used with this house. There is a single monthly payment that covers land rental, security, services like garbage, water and sewers, taxes, property upkeep etc... The house is bought and sold pretty much like a trailer in a trailer park, a private sale agreement between owner and new owner. Here in Campo Reynoso for the last thirty years, close to a thousand of such transactions have been made quietly and profitably. The paperwork is minuscule and there is no government involved, a strictly private transaction recorded only with the family-owned campo management.
    Who lives here?

    • There are 100 lots of which about 70 have American-owned houses,  5 Canadians and 5 Mexicans,  the rest is owned by the Reynoso family.
    • Many are American retirees from the San Diego or Los Angeles area, some who have lived here for as much as 30 years. It is hard to define an average age, but my guess would be 60, the youngest a 35-year old female.  About a third are single and race is not an issue here.
    • Although it is allowed, very few units are rented out, and those rented usually are to family and friends. There is no rental management in place.